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ZAHORANSKY specializes in designing and developing high automation dialyzer assembly systems for medical use.

Also, ZAHORANSKY is the market leader for  injection molds + automation. Latest developments are molds + automation solutions for the medical industry which is the fastest growing segment inside the ZAHORANSKY Group. Flagship projects from the past include fully automatic COP stacked-needle pre-filled syringe production which is used as the primary packaging for the US Covid-19 vaccine and the Phillips/Oral-B anchorless electronic toothbrush refill production & assembly lines.


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Uniway Asia Limited

Rm 2203-5, Marina House

68 Hing Man Street

Shaukeiwan, HKSAR

Tel : +852-2866 3769

Fax : +852-2528 5167

Guangzhou Branch Office

Tel : +86-137 6138 6406

        +86-136 6066 0683

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